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Tips For Planning A Deceased Loved Ones Funeral With Less Stress

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Are you ready to have your deceased loved ones funeral so you can try to cope with the loss without the added stress of coming up with an affordable plan for it? Planning a respectable funeral does not have to take away from the time that you need to peacefully grieve if you do things a certain way. This article will give you several tips that can help you devise a good funeral plan so you can lay your deceased loved one to rest and get through the grieving process a little easier. 1. Don’t Spend a Lot of Time Looking at Caskets Rather than spending a large amount of time searching for the perfect casket that you can find within your budget, try to keep in mind that it will be buried in the ground and does not have to look a certain way. You can opt for a simple casket and focus on making sure your deceased loved ones will look good when he or she is inside of it, such as putting your attention on what he or she is wearing. You can even opt for using a cremation casket, which is likely to save you some many. Cremation caskets are usually made out of wood because it is a combustible material. 2. Make Sure Embalming is Actually Necessary Some funeral homes might require that your deceased loved one body is embalmed to give it more appeal by slowing down decomposition. A body will usually only have to be embalmed if you want to have a viewing event prior to the actual funeral day. If you don’t intend on having a viewing, make sure that you are not charged for embalming to be done because it won’t be necessary. Your deceased loved one will still look presentable at the funeral without embalming being done with the help of a mortician. 3. Ask for a List of Fees Visit a few different funeral homes in your area and ask them for a list of fees that they charge for a funeral. Take all of the lists home and decide which funeral home will best satisfy your needs. Some funeral homes might offer a package that comes with everything that you need done, which can make the planning process a lot easier so you can focus on grieving. Plan your deceased loved ones funeral as soon as possible and don’t forget to find a religious organization for the event to be held in before the burial. To learn more, contact a company like Louis Suburban Chapel...

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3 Questions To Ask Before Sending A Snack To Your Child’s Preschool

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If your student’s preschool teachers expect the parents to chip in on sending in snacks for the class, or if you want to send in something special for a holiday party or your child’s birthday, then you might be excited about coming up with an idea for the little ones to enjoy. However, before you start brainstorming or shopping for snacks for the class, you should ask your child’s teacher a few questions. This can help prevent confusion or issues on the day that the snacks are handed out. 1. Do Any of the Kids in the Class Have Food Allergies? First of all, you should find out if any of the kids in the class have allergies. Typically, the preschool teacher will have a list of dietary preferences and allergies and can clue you in to students who can’t eat certain things, such as peanut butter or gluten. Then, you can ensure that you don’t bring in something that will make another child sick or that might make someone feel left out. 2. Is There a Restricted Food List? Many schools have restricted food lists that go above and beyond classroom allergies. For example, some schools might not allow you to send in candy and other sweet treats and might prefer that you send in healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables. You will certainly want to check this restricted list before you bring in a batch of tasty cupcakes, only to be turned away. 3. Can You Bring in Homemade Snacks? You might dream of whipping up a batch of your world famous homemade cookies for the class, but make sure that this is not a no-no first. Because of various issues, including sanitation issues, potential allergies and other dangers, a lot of schools no longer allow parents to bring in snacks that have been homemade. In fact, you may not even be able to bring in pre-cut fruit or vegetables unless they come in a tray that is sealed from the supermarket. This might seem silly if you are used to bake sale goods at schools from the past, but it’s a real concern in many preschools. Sending a snack to your child’s preschool can be fun and tasty for everyone in the class. However, you should make sure that you talk to your child’s preschool teacher first to ensure that you aren’t breaking any rules, so ask these three questions before you start doing too much planning. If you are enrolling your child in a new preschool, such as Sammamish Montessori School, this fall, asking about the snack policy at orientation is a good way to ensure you have the right information right off the...

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3 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Church

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Being part of a church family has many benefits, but it can be hard to find a church you like. As you begin looking, you should make a list of the things you hope to gain from going to church, and here are three of things you might want to consider putting on your list. Practical Messages You Can Apply One of the main parts of a church service is a message, or sermon, given by a pastor. This message is designed to help you understand God and the Bible, but there are times when sermons do not leave you feeling refreshed or with new understanding. As you look for a church, you may want to look for one that has a minister that offers sermons that you really like. The sermon often takes up one-third of a church service, and that is why this is so important. Keep in mind that pastors all have different personalities and preaching styles, and you can continue looking for a church until you find one that blends well with your family’s needs and desires. A Friendly Church Family One benefit of being part of a church is that you obtain a new family around you. This family is your church family and they will be there to help you grow in your faith, support you through the difficult times, and celebrate with you during your good times. You can often tell whether or not a church family is warm and welcoming just by visiting a church one time. When you walk in, do the people greet you? Do they seem to care that you are there? Are they trying to encourage you to return? These are all good factors to think about when looking for a new church. Ways to Get Involved Finally, as you compare your options, you may want to find a church that offers programs that allow you to get involved. This is how you will get to know people, and it is a great way to use your natural gifts and talents. Most churches have various ways to get involved and some of these may include: Sunday school classes for all ages Bible studies Volunteer programs Praise teams or tech teams These are just a few options churches offer, and you should find one that has programs that fit your needs and schedule. Taking part in a church is a great way to meet people and find a sense of belonging. There are many denominations and types of churches, and you may want to begin by narrowing your list down to the denomination that best suits your...

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Representing Your Loved One’s Spiritual Legacy Through Their Headstone

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Trying to accurately represent your loved one through their headstone grave marker can be a difficult task to navigate. . At times, however, it can be a little harder to decide what else to include on the headstone– especially if your loved one left behind a giant spiritual legacy in the lives of friends and family. Continue reading to learn more about how to represent your loved one’s spiritual legacy while choosing their headstone: A Few of Their Favorite Things On one hand, some basic general details (such as name, birth, and death dates) are likely to be printed on the stone, as most headstones include this information for mourners looking to find the correct grave site in the cemetery. How can you best represent such an important life on such a seemingly small stone? Is there any way to set apart your loved one’s headstone from the hundreds of others at the cemetery?  Take the time to consider the life of your loved one, thinking about their favorite things to do, activities they may have been involved in, and any favorite Bible verses they held close to their heart. Some individuals may choose to include a picture of a favorite scene on the back of the headstone, such as a calm sunrise scene with Psalm 23 inscribed over the top of the photo. Others may find more meaning by inscribing a quote on the headstone from a theologian or author that held special meaning to the deceased. Whatever you choose (whether simple or complex in design), feel comfortable with the final decision you make– you and your family know best what will honor your loved one. Keeping Perspective If you’re not able to afford an expensive headstone or do everything you would have hoped to do, don’t worry. Remember that your loved one is not buried in the cemetery, because it’s not the body but the spirit that moves on to heaven. As 2 Corinthians explains in the Scripture: to be absent from the body is to be at home with the Lord. Author and theologian CS Lewis (famous for his writing of the Narnia series) once said: “Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret?  There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Since your loved one is no longer on Earth but in Heaven, don’t beat yourself up over anything– instead, rejoice when you remember that you will see your loved one again and that death does not have the final word. For more information, contact a company like Palmer Bros Granite Co. with any questions you...

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A Voice From The Dust: Early Editions Of The Book Of Mormon

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Have you worn out your copies of The Work and the Glory? Do you know all the lyrics to every song in Saturday’s Warrior? It might be time for a new Mormon hobby! If you have the money, try collecting old and rare LDS books. A good place to start is with The Book of Mormon. If you’re active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you probably read it every day—or close to it. You probably already have a copy or two (or ten, depending on the size of your family) floating around your house. But did you know that there are dozens of previously-published editions, some of which are incredibly rare? Here are some facts about the first editions of this religious text. 1830 First Edition Very different from the format of today, the first edition of The Book of Mormon didn’t have any verses. Each book was divided up into a few long chapters. It was published in Palmyra, New York by E.B. Grandin, almost straight from the original manuscript! Originally 5,000 copies were printed, but it’s estimated that only about 500 of them still exist today. Copies have been appraised at or sold for $100,000 or more. 1837 Kirtland Edition This second edition was published in Kirtland, Ohio. While remaining contextually similar to the first edition, many grammatical changes were made. The book’s physical size was small enough to fit into your pocket, at the request of Joseph Smith. It is not officially known how many copies were printed, although it is estimated to be very small: around 3,000. Because of the limited printing, it is very difficult to find copies still in circulation, even among rare book collectors. 1840 Nauvoo Edition Before this relatively-small printing (only about 2,000 copies), Joseph Smith compared the text to the original manuscript. In this examination, he found that some errors had made their way into the printer’s manuscript and did not align with his original translation. Some changes were made to correct these mistakes. British Editions The Book of Mormon was first published outside of the United States in 1841, and then again in 1849 and 1852. Essentially the same as the first printings, Joseph Smith allowed for it to be published overseas with British spellings. However, some major changes occurred with the 1852 edition, when Franklin D. Richards added numbers to paragraphs, giving modern Mormons a prototype for the current format of chapters and verses. Between these three printings, well over 4,000 copies were produced.  Finding a copy of an early edition Book of Mormon is a rare treat. For some, it is history. For others, genealogy. For many, religion. Although it is possible to go to a church museum or library and see them, owning copies of these rare books would be much more satisfactory! Now the only problem is rounding up the money. For help in locating out of print books from LDS history, get more information...

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